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The Automated Vehicles Symposium

July 19-21, 2016, San Francisco, USA

On Wednesday July 20, 2016, the AHB45(3) Subcommittee held a breakout session at the AVS2016 Symposium titled: Traffic Flow of Connected Automated Vehicles. The session featured the following speakers:

  1. Dr. Hani Mahmassani (Northwestern University)
  2. Dr. Pravin Varaiya (University of California, Berkeley)
  3.  Dr. Osman Altan, Federal Highway Administration
  4. Mr. Simon Calvert, TNO
  5. Mr. Jan-Niklas Meier, CAMP

The presentations were followed by discussions on innovative modeling of CAV traffic flow, CAV based traffic control and management methods, cyber-physical communication frameworks, and related technologies translatable to traffic flow modeling.

Further information may be found through the link below:


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