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The AHB45(3) Subcommittee is a sub-committee of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics (AHB45) Committee. The subcommittee was created in January of 2015 at the AHB45 Committee meeting at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (Washington DC, USA). It was named the Subcommittee on “Traffic Flow Modeling of Connected and Automated Transportation Systems”. The name was later changed to the Subcommittee on “Traffic Flow Modeling of Connected and Automated Vehicles” (the final name is still a subject of discussion). Since then, the subcommittee has been successful organizing multiple TRB Annual Meeting workshops/sessions and Automated Vehicle Symposium (AVS) events among other activities/conferences/meetings/special calls for papers. The subcommittee members and friends are continuously representing our AHB45 Community in different initiatives/organizations while strengthening the ties between industry representatives and researchers from our traffic flow community.




The subcommittee’s mission is to understand and predict the interactions between traffic flow characteristics with the future control and sensing algorithms for improved Connected and Automated Traffic Systems.  Such interactions will help facilitate more efficient “macroscopic” as well as “microscopic” operations of such systems.  Most critical for us is to interface with the vehicle/technology developers and industry partners and to discuss and assess the benefits and potential consequences associated with our future connected and autonomous traffic. Such interface is essential especially since traffic flow theory models will continue playing a major role in the control of future traffic flow and since the industry along with the Federal/local Governments will lead the efforts in deploying the corresponding traffic operational solutions on our surface transportation network.




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